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Whether a corporate event or social celebration Pomod'Oro offers exclusive private rooms

The Italian Private Dining Room Experience - Immerse and Indulge

Pomod'Oro proudly presents two exclusive spaces for an italian private dining: "Il Giardino" and "In Stile."

In Stile: Italian Private Dining in Classic Lounge Style

Step into the timeless elegance of In Stile, our CLASSIC lounge-style private dining room that can accommodate up to 14 guests. Immerse yourself in the Italian ambiance amidst the plush greenery and exquisite chesterfield design. This intimate VIP room is meticulously crafted to provide an authentic Italian private dining experience.

Giardino: Italian Restaurant with Private Dining Room in Contemporary Splendor

Experience the extraordinary at Il Giardino, a CONTEMPORARY masterpiece designed to cater to up to 24 guests. Engage your senses in this one-of-a-kind VIP room, where British artistry meets Italian flair. The entire room is adorned with a tropical jungle theme, hand-painted by a British artist, creating an immersive atmosphere surrounded by trees, animals, and the open sky. Brace yourself for the unexpected - there's even a tiger in the room! Whether you're in the mood for a lively celebration or a laid-back gathering, the ambiance of Il Giardino can be tailored to perfection with a spectrum of lighting colors.

Discover the epitome of Pomod'Oro with your go-to Italian restaurant with private dining rooms, where each room is a testament to the rich heritage and contemporary enticement of Italian design. If you are interested do browse our menu to see a range of classical pizzas, pastas, lovely wines as well as authentic italian desserts!


  • Corporate events

  • Family gatherings

  • Rehearsal dinners

  • Parties and more...


  • lunch and dinner menu 

  • vegan option available 

  • Bar & Wine service 

  • Customised Menù


  • Sound system with karaoke 

  • 75' TV screen 

  • Bar & Lounge space

  • Cosy lighting features 

Our Private Dining Offerings

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