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New Hidden Gems | The Best Italian Pasta Restaurant in KL

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Pomod'Oro is more than just another pasta restaurant. We are a paradise for foodies who are enthusiastic about their food and are looking for an authentic and immersive Italian experience. You will be taken to a world of rich tastes, enticing fragrances, and genuine hospitality that represents the real essence of Italy the minute you walk into our warm and welcoming room. It will be yours to experience.

At the start of our culinary journey, we ensure that we use only the freshest, most seasonally appropriate ingredients that represent the spirit of our Italian origin. To guarantee that each mouthful has excellent texture and flavour. Our comprehensive menu caters to traditionalists who like spaghetti carbonara and tagliatelle bolognese and adventurous diners seeking new flavours. Our authentic Italian pizzas feature an outstanding balance of thin, crispy crust and fresh, regional toppings. Our risottos are carefully made to achieve the perfect al dente texture, leaving them creamy and cosy. As your dinner ends, we offer our traditional Italian dessert, the best tiramisu in KL, which is the ideal way to cap off a great meal.

In addition to our exquisite pasta, we have an extensive wine list of Italian vintages that are hand-picked to enhance your dining experience. With their extensive knowledge of the distinct terroir and grape varietals found in each location, our passionate and educated team will lead you on a unique journey through the world of wine. Whether you're an expert in the field looking for a particular vintage or an amateur interested in learning more about Italian wines, we'll assist you in finding the ideal match for your gastronomic journey.

Creating memories that transcend a simple dinner is our belief here at Pomod'Oro. We want an enchanting experience that delights the senses and fills the stomach. Come with us as we explore Kuala Lumpur for the best Italian pasta restaurant. With every mouthwatering taste and drink, we invite you to enjoy a pleasant culinary tour of Italy. If you want a more private setting for your Italian dinner, we also have a private dining room at our restaurant. Book a reservation with us to enjoy Malaysia's most authentic Italian cuisine memories! 

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